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de fles


Marum Bibio

De leukste studentenvereniging van Vlissingen, Middelburg en omstreken!


In the past almost every educational sector had its own student association. The business students had the association “Cineadus”, the education studends had “Mirfisto” and last but not least the maritime sector with their association called “t Vloei”. The student life back then was that big that every association had its own fraternities and sororities. For Mirfisto it was Marum Bibio.

The govornment decided to withrdraw the ‘studentfinancing’, this had a dramatic result on the student life in Vlissingen and on the associations. That is when most of the association merged. So the student association Cineadus, Mirfisto and Mort Subite merged into ‘Aqua ad Vinum’, Marum Bibio as fraternity happily joined.

This meant allot of change for all of the associations, but especially for Marum Bibio. The boards of the fraternity and the association had different visions. Therefore Marum Bibio decided to become independent.

This resulted into a success, in a short time Marum Bibio had become bigger than its previous association it was once part of. So since it was a succes, the fratenity had decided to become officially an association of its own in April 2005.

Since April 2005 Marum Bibio grew and grew. The partys and activities became bigger, in example the beach party with its own jacuzzi in the bar, ‘Duvelparty’ the most legendary party with cheap prices and of course the famous ‘Cantus’ when all the students sing and drink. But this all falls in short in comparison with the ‘Sunset Cruise’, the party when a Gala finds place on a cruiseship.

That was already a long time ago, but till this day Marum is still growing. In January 2020 (our 15 year anniversary), the association moved its location to a beautiful building. A former strip club which is transformed into a supreme student bar. To this day we try to offer the student a student time they are sure not to forget.

In other words, Marum Bibio is not going to stand still and is definitely not going to!


Het Bestuur

Bart van der Wilt

Annelot Schouwenaars

Roos Oudshoorn

Fabian de Beule

Bart van der Wilt

Bart van der Wilt

Penningmeester | Quaestor

My name is Bart van der Wilt and I am the new president of the board starting the 2022 schoolyear. In my first year being part of Marum Bibio I already developed great aspirations to make Marum even better than it already was. That is why I became a general board member in December 2021. After that I took over the role of Quaestor and now, eventually I am at the helm of this great association. Maybe a bit ironical considering that I am also studying for Maritime Officer, which is also the reason why I know that a helmsman is nothing without its team: each Marum member is equally important, whether you are the president or not. That is why you should never be afraid to come to me for questions, feedback or just for the simple reason to toast to the great times we will experience as students! Bakboord, stuurboord, midscheeps, hijsen!


Marum Bibio is made out of different committees. The committees are the helping hands of the board. Every committee have their own tasks and responsibilites, to improve and better the association. These committees are filled with students just like you, that are willing to give back to the association.

A few of these committees are just temporary, meaning you will only be in the committee for a few months to organize a certain event. Other committees are active the entire year through. When you sign up for a committee you are expected to invest more time into the association than others. But it will be highly rewarding, not only the experience on its own but also the free credits you can earn.

Do you think it is something for you? Approach the board or the certain head of the committee to apply for a position.

The Party and Eventcommittee

The Communicationcommittee

The Barcommittee

The Stickercommittee

The Galacommittee

The AID committee

The Introcampcommittee


Fraternities and Sororities

Cede maiori


Cede maiori

Cede maiori


We are Cede Maiori, the fraternity of SV Marum Bibio. Cede Maiori originated from a group of friends who wanted to get together more often, strengthen mutual friendship and play drinking games together, of course, we do this while enjoying some nice cold beer! Because no one can drink beer better then these gents. Cede Maiori has a drink every other week on Sundays, before the regular opening time of ‘De Fles’. This is the ideal place for a drink and then happily partying further with other nice people who come to De Fles, to continue until the last hours! In addition, as Cede Maiori we also have other activities, such as a day of paintball, pub crawls, a weekend with the men on vacation and regularly eating out together, usually on the second Thursday of the month. On the second Thursday of the month it is Jasje Dasje night at SV Marum Bibio. For this, the sorority has had unique ties made! The fraternity also regularly organizes theme parties in De Fles. In collaboration with the women's dispute, we also organize a party for SV Marum Bibio one or more times a year!

Sunset Cruise

The showpiece of Marum Bibio, a fantastic party that you should not miss! The Sunset Cruise is one of the largest events to which, in addition to all our members, all other students in Vlissingen can look forward to for a whole year. The Sunset Cruise is like a "normal" gala, with the well-known cocktail dress code, but Marum Bibio's Sunset Cruise is unique!

The unique thing about the Sunset Cruise is that the gala is held on a boat. Sailing along the boulevard with a drink in your hand, watching the sun set, enjoying the music of a live band on one deck and a DJ on the other deck; an evening to remember! The Sunset Cruise is organized entirely by Marum Bibio, so it will be legendary anyway.

The party starts when the boat is still ashore, everyone comes in the most beautiful outfits, with the greatest festive mood on board. When everyone is on board, so the party is already well underway, we go sailing. We sail across the Western Scheldt along the Vlissingen boulevard. While partying, dancing with your friends you sail with the great view of the Vlissingen skyline. All the beautifully lit buildings and the sun slowly sinking into the sea, you can only see that this evening!

We look forward to seeing you on board again during the next edition of Marum Bibio's Sunset Cruise.