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de fles



De leukste studentenvereniging van Vlissingen, Middelburg en omstreken!


Sponsors and partners are of great importance to the association as, in addition to a possible financial contribution, they can form an important link between the association and the work field. In order to help students find their way in the corporate world, it is important that we, as an association, make contact between members and the relevant companies through sponsors and partners.

Cafe de Vrienden Vlissingen

For many years Marum Bibio has been situated in café de Vrienden van Vlissingen. As main sponsor, the VVV sponsors a substantial amount of money every year. From this contribution Marum Bibio is able to organize the best parties, fun activities and offer many delicious drinks. Due to a relocation in the past year, we even got an upgrade of the soos. Thanks to Jhermain and Rob, the owners, we have now got a beautiful location for our Fles and student nights.



As one of the main sponsors, promopolitan offers the finest jobs. When you start working through Promopolitan, you not only get paid well, but Marum also gets more sponsor money. For each hour worked, Marum receives a small amount of money. This is of course not deducted from your salary. In addition, Promopolitan often offers great opportunities for future jobs, even after your student years. Take a quick look at the: werken via marum page for more information.


Rijbewijsteam is thé driving school in Vlissingen with whom we as Marum have been working together for quite some time. As a member of Marum, you will receive a 10% discount on the total driving lessons package! In addition, Marum Bibio receives a small contribution for each member that has passed his / her driving test.

rijbewijs team


At Parfum-Stunter.nl you can buy your fragrances, care, make-up and more online. We are regularly at markets and fairs. For example, we are in Vlissingen every year on the night market!

The inspiration for our fragrances is found in the already existing luxury perfume segment. Through carefully selected fragrance lines and the development of brands such as Meeka and Creation Lamis, we can offer the same experience at a much more affordable price.

We have chosen Marum-Bibio because we care about the Vlissingse student life and for that reason we offer the students of Marum-Bibio even more discount on top of all offers!


We have also maintained a great partnership with Draagkracht for many years. Because it has decent amount hours that you can work and you always work together with friends or people you know well, it has been one of the favorite jobs among our members. This is because it is very easy to combine with the lectures. You often only work for 3 hours, after which you still have a lot of time left in your day. Also at Draagkracht money: Over the hours worked, Marum receives an amount of sponsorship. Have a quick look at the : werken via marum page for more information.



The partnership with Domino's pizza Vlissingen is one we have been enjoying for several years. As a member of Marum Bibio, you can take advantage of bulk discounts. These are pizzas available in the following categories: Top Taste, Favourites, Traditional & Vegan and is excluding siganture meat lovers. In addition, every year we have a marvelous contest, where we get to design our own one-of-a-kind Marum Pizza. Members then get to send in their personal recipe for the perfect pizza, which they then get to actually make. The pizza is then tested by a jury, which chooses the Marum Pizza. The winner will win 3 xxl-pizzas of his/her own creation.


After the summer break we will restart with Happen en Stappen. This is an evening where we eat with the entire student association. Every edition of Happen en Stappen has a different theme, so you get a great variety of meals. In collaboration with Restaurant Soif, delicious dishes are served for a reduced price (often around € 10, -) and we can enjoy great discounts on drinks. Will you join us for the next edition of Happen en Stappen?



Members of Marum Bibio get a 10% discount on everything being sold at the Juice Bar in Vlissingen. The super cute little bar on Walstraat sells fresh Juices and other delicious snacks. He prepares everything right in front of you and for this price, being healthy has never been more annoying. Marum also has its own anti-hangover product made: The Marum Bibio Hangover Juice for only € 5, -.

This delicious refreshing smoothie is filled with:

  • Green apple, to get your moisture levels back up

  • Forest fruit, to recharge yourself with the vitamins you drank away and for extra moisture.

  • A little bit of beet, for the little bit of sweetness and fiber to detoxify your body from the night before.

  • An amazing amount of antioxidants, which will cleanse your poor and sip organs.

This smoothie is perfect for your Saturday and we promise you: Once you've tried it, you'll never be able to live without it!



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